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Burkina Faso: 17 Wells and Wash Training in Eastern Burkina Faso

0% Donated/$230,000 To Go
Our partner, Ocades-Caritas Koupela in Eastern Burkina Faso, brings many years of experience to our project work. They are excellent in providing...
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Burkina Faso project from the Ryan's Well Foundation

Burkina Faso: 13 Wells and WASH Training

0% Donated/$178,250 To Go
Our partner, Ocades Caritas, in Eastern Burkina Faso brings many years of experience to the table. They are very well equipped to...
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2016/17 School Challenge Project

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In the province of Kouritenga, in Eastern Burkina Faso, there are four schools that need help. The School of Tibin, Nursery School...
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Completing the WASH Cycle at Bessiel Primary School

With your help, we can bring sanitation and stability to 600 students—allowing them to stay in school longer and live safer, healthier lives.

Burkina Faso 2015/2016 School Challenge

A deep well and access to a clean water source will mean improved health and sanitation for the students of Passimnoghin Primary School.

Burkina Faso – Reo Primary School and Polesgo Village

This community and its school are so excited about the great work to be done to ensure they have clean water for years to come! These healthier, brighter lives will happen all because of you!

Burkina Faso – Léo Water and Sanitation

With the strength of the Federation Nununa women's shea butter co-operative, you have helped support the people of the Léo Region of Burkina Faso with safe water and sanitation! Thank you so much.

Burkina Faso – Mogtedo College

Students and teachers of Mogtedo College have an improved learning environment with safe water, new latrines and handwashing stations!