Our Financials

On average, 83 cents ($0.83) of every donation dollar directly supports our charitable programs (Build – Educate – Motivate).


At Ryan’s Well, we believe in transparency and providing access to our financial statements to everyone. Since receiving our charitable status, an independent firm completes a financial audit and submits a statement that you can download (see below).

Since 2001, Ryan’s Well has had the financial support of many private donors, foundations, and corporate organizations. These ongoing contributions not only support our clean water, sanitation and hygiene education projects and motivation work, but also cover the basic costs that it takes to run an organization such as staff salaries, rent, and office supplies.

2018/2019 Financial Statement

2017/2018 Financial Statement

2016/2017 Financial Statement

Annual General Report

Download our Annual General Report to learn about what we’ve done each fiscal year. We love sharing our stories from the field, updates on our clean water, sanitation and hygiene education projects and, of course, a message from Ryan Hreljac.

2018/2019 Annual General Report

2017/2018 Annual General Report

2016/2017 Annual General Report