What is the School Challenge?

The School Challenge offers a unique opportunity for young people of any age to get involved and create positive change in the world. We build a water and sanitation project while you do your fundraising! We update our website with pictures and stories of the project direct from the field so you know exactly where your funds are going.

How long does it take to complete projects?

As participating schools raise funds throughout the school year, the School Challenge projects launch in the spring and the anticipated completion date is sometime in winter. Typically the project takes 10 months to complete (April to January).

What happens when the fundraising goal is reached?

If the funds raised upon project completion surpass the goal, we direct additional funds towards another important project. There are always projects needing support so all fundraising campaigns make a difference! Should this fortunate situation occur, we then provide information on the additional project(s) to participating schools.

How to participate

2023-2024 School Challenge

Creative fundraising ideas

Fundraising resources

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