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The Ryan’s Well Foundation began with a simple vision from an incredibly young and healthy mind. Relive the journey with us as we celebrate 20 years


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Our Mission

The Ryan’s Well Foundation, together with local partners, provides access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene education in the poorest regions of developing countries. We educate and motivate people to share our passion and contribute to achieving change in the world.


We realize the need is great everywhere, but we are currently fully committed to projects with our current partners and are not financially able to fund new project work. We wish we could help everyone, but encourage you to check with other organizations active in the area you are inquiring about.

Access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene changes everything

Two Important Goals Help Us Bring this Change to Thousands Everyday

Build: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene projects

Our BUILD program supports water, sanitation and hygiene education projects in partnership with local non-governmental and community based organizations in developing countries. Our current focus is to the communities of West Africa (Burkina Faso and Ghana), East Africa (Ethiopia and Uganda), and Mexico.

Empower: Get involved and make a difference

Ryan’s story has been compelling not just for his actions against the global water and sanitation crisis, but for all grassroots action. It continues to motivate people of all ages –youth in particular – to take action and effect positive change in the world.

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1,383 Water Projects

Funded by the Ryan’s Well Foundation

1,245 Latrines

Completed by Ryan’s Well

991,578 People Now Have Clean Water

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