Get Motivated!

Need some inspiration for your fundraising journey? Not sure how to get started?

Over the years, a lot of kids just like you have made a pretty incredible difference in the world. Here are just a few to help jump-start your fundraising! As Ryan once said, “little people can do big jobs. You don’t need to be a grown-up before anybody listens to you!”

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In honour of all of the women and children who have to walk long distances to collect water, Finley, a ten-year-old boy from Southern Ontario, managed to raise $4,237.37 by walking over 350 kilometres and collecting donations! He also helped to spread the word about the water crisis by speaking to a second-grade class, radio and TV stations, and magazines. Finley worked so hard that we even named a protected spring after him in Western Uganda!

Andrea’s Grade Six Class

Andrea Burke-Clarke’s grade six class at St. Augustine’s Elementary School in Newfoundland were inspired to make a difference after reading “Ryan and Jimmy and the Well in Africa that Brought Them Together” and a video chat with Ryan. By collecting spare change through a change drive, they managed to raise $253.40 for Ryan’s Well Foundation!


North, 9, from Wisconsin, got creative with his fundraising during the pandemic. Using Google Forms, he ran two fundraisers: a read-a-thon and a candy jar count, and raised $500 – even though his goal was only $100! He even made a video re-enacting Ryan’s fundraising journey for a school project.


Beau was only four years old when he decided to donate his Christmas toy money to Ryan’s Well Foundation! Beau (on the right), now 10, and his brother, Tanner (on the left, age 8) still keep up with Ryan’s story, and continue to read their copy of “Ryan and Jimmy” – which Ryan signed!


Keana, an 11-year old girl from British Columbia, supported Ryan’s Well Foundation for many years through a variety of fundraisers, including selling jewelry she made herself, and donating the proceeds!


Maverick, an eight-year-old boy from Ontario, decided he wanted to help after watching a documentary about the many people around the world who do not have access to clean water. In exchange for donations, Maverick and his family picked up garbage on the side of the road. Not only did they clean up their community, they raised $1,849 CAD!

Searingtown Elementary School

After reading “Long Walk to Water” by Linda Sue Park, Martina D’Astolfo’s grade five class at Searingtown Elementary School in New York was inspired to make a difference. They had a weeklong event in which they created their own well, and developed daily dress code themes to encourage donations: “Nickels and Neon,” “Pennies and Pajamas,” “Denim and Dimes…” Together, the class raised $3,189.00 USD for clean water projects! We LOVE the creativity. Way to go, Searingtown!

Middle Creek Year Round Elementary School

Mrs. Friend’s grade three class at Middle Creek Year Round Elementary school in North Carolina made a big difference! They managed to raise $625 for the School Challenge project with a popsicle sale – which is now becoming an annual event (they also raised $861 from a popsicle sale the previous year)! Way to help make a difference in the lives of so many!

Mason’s Marvels

Upon learning about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the students from Mrs. Mason’s grade 5 and 4/5 classes at Guardian Angels School decided they wanted to take action to help Goal 13 – Climate Action, and came to a consensus that they wanted to help both Ryan’s Well Foundation and WWF. The classes created and managed an online store that sold coffee from The Artery, spices from 13: A Social Enterprise, and collected donations. They also raised awareness of climate change and the water crisis through social media and blog posts. Altogether, the students raised over $1,100 to be split between the two charities! We’re amazed at the dedication of Mrs. Mason and her class!

Logan & Alyx

Logan and Alyx fundraised for four years to meet their goal! At 4 and 6, they decided to raise money for clean water projects by making and selling Christmas cards at the Merrickville Christmas Market. They continued to fundraise and, four years later, they were proud to donate $325 (they exceeded their goal of $300). Now that’s dedication! Thank you so much for all of your hard work Logan, Alyx, and their Mum, Beth!