Water Projects

Over 785 million people lack access to safe drinking water

2 billion people lack adequate sanitation

But with your generous support – lives change!

Why Water and WASH Education?

Access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene changes everything.

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Build a Well with Us

Ever wonder how we implement our water and sanitation projects? We pride ourselves on transparency, so here’s the step-by-step process of how we complete our projects.

Build a Well

What are the Sustainable Development Goals?

We build clean water and sanitation projects in the remotest areas of developing countries. These projects influence equal opportunities for health, education, and work in vulnerable communities, and provide families with the basic needs for a full life.

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Partnership & Funding Requests 

We wish we could help everyone but, unfortunately, we are already fully committed to projects with our current on-the-ground partners in the countries in which we work, and are unable to fund additional projects in new areas this fiscal year. We encourage you to check out other organizations actively providing WASH projects in your region of interest. All support of our current active projects this fiscal year is greatly appreciated.


Every effort is made to designate your funds as requested; however, if the specified project has become fully funded or unforeseen circumstances delay its start, we may allocate your donation to another important project.

Water Projects

water projects