Our Supporters

Our supporters are outstanding organizations that sustain our activities and enhance our impact around the world. It is through our dedicated supporters that we can take action and deliver access to safe water and proper sanitation. We thank each of our supporters for their dedication, resources, support and expertise.

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“I am writing to offer my highest recommendation of Ryan’s Well Foundation.   As an executive, I have worked with countless charitable organizations; contribution and community service are cornerstones of both my business and family.  Few charities demonstrate the integrity and commitment that are upheld by Ryan’s Well Foundation.

I met the Hreljacs when Ryan was six years old.  He had just discovered his passion for people, the need for clean water in African nations, and the drive to become an agent of change in our world.  I was immediately intrigued by his giving heart, intelligent mind, and spirit of kindness – all so pronounced for such a young man.  It has been remarkable to witness Ryan’s ever-deepening commitment to building clean water wells in Africa over the past twenty years.  The substantial growth of the organization over these two decades has delivered significant change through life-giving water to people in need; thus, the work accomplished by Ryan’s Well brings an end to disease that would otherwise plague a nation.

It has been my honor to be a personal supporter of the Ryan’s Well Foundation and to be a champion of the foundation in the Keller Williams Realty organization.  As Chairman of the KW Cares Board of Directors, we have found a natural fit for our two charities to work together towards greater change for the people of Africa.  After a thorough vetting process and Board approval, KW Cares proudly gives a substantial grant to Ryan’s Well annually.  We have found the Foundation to be continually responsible stewards of the donations it receives.  Through good management and low operating costs, Ryan’s Well maximizes the contribution it makes to people in need.

I am confident that the good work championed by Ryan Hrelijac will continue to bring positive change to Africa into the future.”

Mo Anderson, Chairperson of the Board, KW Cares

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By becoming a part of the Ryan’s Well family, you are providing people in developing countries with safe water and improved sanitation, and motivating people young and old to make a difference. Interested in offering your support? Learn more about the benefits and impacts of your help by contacting us today!