Burkina Faso – Léo Water and Sanitation

Léo Region
Project Partner: Federation Nununa

Water, Hygiene and Sanitation Improvement Project 2013-2014

When looking at this area as a whole, it’s a sad fact that out of 153 area schools, only one-third have latrines and 47 have wells. It’s not surprising that the public health district registered an overwhelming 6,000 cases of diarrheal disease with a 2.49% mortality rate. Families, parents and children are dying needlessly.

With your help, we’ve turned this around! Thank you so much.

Project Details

This project targets these problems; specifically the lack of latrines and wells in the catchment for the people in this area. The two wells and 10 latrines to be constructed for this project will have a significant impact on the reduction of disease within this community, especially within the primary school student population… the smallest of all.

Two-stance latrines will be built at the schools of Linse, Diansie, Kinkirsgogho, and Mao Nessira and in the community of Léo. Wells will be built for the communities of Gao (close to Mao Nessira school) and Léo. Community Health Training and Management Committees will be put in place to clean and maintain the facilities, and collect funds for repairs.

As we keep you informed via updates, you can follow as access to clean water and sanitation is provided to over 3,825 people. You won’t have to imagine the lives you are changing: you will see it happen.

Project Results

Many will not only have potable water, but many others will also now have access to proper sanitation facilities. Improved health and hygiene for so many has taken a good foot forward. The communities were mobilized into committees for maintenance and repairs and all have received WASH training (water, sanitation and hygiene). Our partner, Nununa, a women’s cooperative, specialize in the delivery of this training. Women who are a part of the Shea butter and Sesame cooperative have taken ownership of all sites.

April 2014

Two deep wells were completed at the primary school in Lama and the village of  Gao. Five sets of two latrines and handwashing stations constructed at the villages of Boura, Linse, Taga, Passin and Nassira C. All these locations are areas where the woman’s cooperative are active.

Nununa, as part of our ongoing outreach and sustainability efforts will continue to monitor and evaluate all parts of this project.