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Ghana 2013 Water & Sanitation Project

The Ashanti region of Ghana continues to face challenges of water access and water quality.

Partner Leadership Development

Development begins with education. Help us provide our partner at Divine Water with the resources he needs to make a difference in his country.

Kenya: March Matching Campaign

Sixty new healthy water sources will ensure better futures for hundreds of Maasai families in Kenya.

Burkina Faso – Reo Primary School and Polesgo Village

This community and its school are so excited about the great work to be done to ensure they have clean water for years to come! These healthier, brighter lives will happen all because of you!

Seasonal Giving Project: water and proper sanitation, Adwir Health Centre, Uganda

No water, no toilets, no place to bathe in privacy. This is the situation you can help fix at the Adwir Health Centre in northern Uganda.

Haiti – 2013 School Challenge Project

Schools worldwide rose to the School Challenge to help provide clean water and healthier lives to three schools in Haiti! (exceeded goal of $42,000)!

Uganda Health & Hygiene Angolo Schools

We've come full circle! At Angolo School in Uganda, the site of Ryan's first well, the elementary and new high school urgently needed sanitation and hygiene. Thank you for helping make history happen all over again.

East Africa Capacity Building and Sustainability Training

Our partners in East Africa – Divine Waters Uganda, RWIDF and POWER – came together for a two-day monitoring trip in northern Uganda. It’s a great opportunity to share best practices and to discuss and see for themselves what works best, both in the field and in the classroom.

Uganda 2013-2014 Water & Hygiene Training Omoro Sub-County

You've brought clean water, sanitation and health education to this community in Uganda!

Haiti – Artibonite Valley Phase 6

Your support helped improve conditions for four villages and provided skills for sustainable water access in the Artibonite Valley!


100% Donated/$ To Go
This was an ambitious project designed to provide safe water, sanitation and training for one community and hundreds of students in its...
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Uganda Rukungiri and Bushenyi 2013

100% Donated/$ To Go
Together we can provide increased access to safe water and sanitation for Rukungiri and Mitooma-Bushenyi Districts of southwest Uganda.

Burkina Faso – Léo Water and Sanitation

With the strength of the Federation Nununa women's shea butter co-operative, you have helped support the people of the Léo Region of Burkina Faso with safe water and sanitation! Thank you so much.

Water for Kenya

Your donation has brought health, hope and dignity to Maasai families in Kenya. What a wonderful gift you've given.