Burkina Faso 2015/2016 School Challenge

Passimnoghin Primary School
Project Partner: Ocades-Caritas Koupela

Project Details


In the center region of Burkina Faso, down National Road 16 on the Koupéla Tenkodogo axis, lies a small village in the heart of Burkina Faso–Passimnoghin. This is a village that sustains itself on agriculture and livestock. It is also home to one of the very few schools in the area–Passimnoghin Primary School. This small school only has three classrooms for their 198 total registered students.

Seventy-nine of these 198 students are girls, who without access to a nearby water source, must walk hours a day to fetch water for their families. These girls may miss hours of school a day, and eventually, they fall so far behind they must abandon their education entirely.

At Passimnoghin Primary School, clean water is desperately needed to accommodate almost 200 students.

Young people around the world have the power to help!

By joining the Ryan’s Well School Challenge, classes and youth groups globally will help raise funds to bring clean water and sanitation to Passimnoghin Primary School. Every bake sale, crazy hair day and walk-a-thon will help provide:

  • Drilling of 5 deep bore hole wells (4 in the villages and 1 at Passimnoghin Primary School)
  • Community/school mobilization
  • WASH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene) training
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation

Access to clean water will have a huge impact on the health and well-being of not only the students and teachers, but also the local community. A school/community water and sanitation committee will be organized to ensure that infrastructure will last long into the future, for many students in the years ahead!

Partner: Ocades-Caritas Koupela

Project Cost: $65,636

Fund Code: BFOC2016

Thanks to the amazing students and staff of these schools, schoolchildren at Passimnoghin Primary School will learn all about hygiene and healthy life practices as they receive their brand new wells and sanitation facilities! Join our School Challenge today!


Every effort is made to designate your funds as requested; however, if the specified project has become fully funded or unforeseen circumstances delay its start, we may allocate your donation to another important project.