Burkina Faso – Mogtedo College

Bomboré Region


Since 2006, Ryan’s Well and Orezone have worked in partnership to support water and sanitation access in Burkina Faso. To date, over 26,000 people now have access to safe water and sanitation as a result of this collaboration.

During a monitoring trip in October 2012, Executive Director, Jane Baird and Board Member, Bruce O’Callaghan spent time in the new focus region of Bomboré to learn more about the needs of the area and meet with prospective partners.  Based on information gathered at that time and follow-up with local partners, water and sanitation initiatives are taking place at Mogtedo College.

The improvements for Mogtedo College are thanks to Orezone Gold and their associates in memory of Mr. David Coffin.  This legacy will improve conditions for education and a brighter future for over 1575 students at Mogtedo College.

Donation Goal: $33,640


27-May-2013 – Representatives of our Rotary and Orezone partners gathered with local dignitaries, including Mogtedo Mayor, Mr. Joseph Guigma, at Mogtedo College for the official opening ceremony on May 4th. This ceremony was the culmination of that last several months of work at Mogtedo College to build latrines, drill and construct a well, install handwashing stations and train the management committee. It was a joyous occasion with sincere thanks from the Mayor of Mogtedo and acknowledgement by all of the continued need for safe water in the Bombore region.   They are also looking to the future at potential upgrades if electricity becomes available in the area and the school.  The well could then be upgraded with an electric powered pump to a piped water network and make even more use of the capacity of this well. Additional thanks to Orezone, Rotary and also to local contractors Transfer S.A.R.L. for providing 2 additional latrines as their contribution to this project.

This brings the project implemention at Mogtedo College to a close.  We will continue to check back in the coming months and beyond to ensure that these interventions continue to provide expected benefits and are maintained properly.

15-Apr-2013 – Progress towards new latrines and water supply for Mogtedo continues.  Drilling was completed in March with a 50m deep borehole providing water.  The pump is in place and finishing of the cement platform is underway.  Construction of 10 latrines and 2 female washing rooms are to be completed by approximately April 20th with the pit excavated, bricks made and cement work beginning in late March.  The National Public Health Laboratory will also be arriving to deliver 2 days of hygiene, health and management training.  This training will help to sustain the new facilities and also to further raise awareness of good hygiene practices.


28-Feb-2013 – The Mogtedo College Project is now underway with our partners at Rotary Club of Ouagadougou Crystal.  As a memorial to a leader of the mining sector, this unique project will realize an improved learning environment for the students of Mogtedo College and in this region.  Water supply, basic sanitation and hygiene training for the college will improve conditions and support attendance, good health and raised awareness of good water, sanitation and hygiene – WASH – practices.

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