Uganda Rukungiri and Bushenyi 2013

Rukungiri and Mitooma-Bushenyi Districts
Project Partner: Ruhinda Women’s Integrated Development Foundation (RWIDF)

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Southwest Uganda, near the borders with Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo, is a mountainous region where protected springs are a viable and cost-effective option for water supply.  Naturally occurring springs in the mountains can be utilized as a source of water, protected from contamination and made more easily accessible with construction of a reservoir with a tap.  These protected springs then provide a ready source of accessible safe water.

Over the past 8 years, Ryan’s Well in partnership with RWIDF have constructed over 100 protected springs in this region primarily in Rukungiri District.  The people of neighbouring Mitooma-Bushenyi District have observed the success of the protected springs in providing safe and accessible water and need our support to improve conditions in their district too.


  • Construction of 10 protected springs in Rukungiri and Mitooma-Bushenyi Districts
  • Construction of 4 school latrines
  • Training of local water source committees for management and maintenance of the new springs and latrines.
  • Raising awareness of WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) issues to improve hygiene and sanitation.

*Costs include (in Canadian dollars): water quality monitoring, hygiene education activities, water source committee training, project monitoring, reporting & partner coordination for WASH sustainability, all construction, drilling, materials and labour as required.


March 2014: Thanks to you, approximately 5,700 people now have access to clean, potable water. The populations of these communities thank you for your financial assistance, helping them on the road to becoming healthier communities.

Completed: Five protected water sources in Mitooma Bushenyi District,  five protected water sources in Rukingiri District, four latrine blocks of four stance latrines completed at four schools, 10 Community Management Training Sessions, five Drama Activities promoting WASH by the RWIDF women, 10 WASH Issue Radio programs, two major workshop meetings, one in each district.

Ongoing: Monitoring, evaluation and assistance to water committees on an ongoing basis

January 2014: We are pleased to report that our project with the Ruhinda Women’s Integrated Development Foundation is progressing extremely well. Protected Springs have been completed at the following locations: Kagyera Kashayo, Nyakaririo Primary School and Trading Center, Kakooma, Bishuru, Rugarama, Rutooma C, Ryengerero C and Yesu Natamba Primary School. Ongoing WASH training is taking place throughout all locations. Extra hygiene and sanitation training is taking place at nine schools in the Bugngari Sub- County, Rurehe Sub County in Mitooma Bushenyi. Locations for the next group of protected springs and latrines have been identified and we look forward to reporting on all sites.

10-June-2013 This project is now underway in Uganda!