Kenya – The Samburu Project 2012

Samburu District
Project Partner: The Samburu Project



Expanding on the success of Phase 1 and Phase 2 projects with The Samburu Project in the Wamba region, the 2012 projects are in the Sere Olipi area of Samburu East. The people of this region, north of Archer’s Post, are in great need of safe water sources.

Our partner’s first three wells in this region were constructed in 2011 – the first time some residents had seen a well and handpump!

Our goal is to support The Samburu Project to provide safe water for people of the Sere Olipi area of Samburu East. Each well will provide safe water for an estimated 2,000 women, men and children.


  • Drilling and construction of 2 wells with Afridev handpumps installed and water quality testing by government authorized laboratories
  • Community mobilization activities for training on good hygiene and sanitation practices, latrine construction, establish committees to maintain the wells for the future and to build fencing around the well to protect it from contamination

*Costs include (in Canadian dollars): water quality monitoring, hygiene education activities, water source committee training, project monitoring, reporting & partner coordination for WASH sustainability, all construction, drilling, materials and labour as required.


  • September 5, 2012 – Site surveys for Nairisha 2 (in Sere Olipi) and Nesesiai (in Ndonyo Wasin) well sites have been completed by hydrogeologist Kariuki and Project Manager Lucas Lekwale of The Samburu Project.  These surveys (see links below) gather vital feedback from each community and identify viable well sites.  The people of Nesesiai have never had a well or other safe water source – they are eager for drilling and construction to begin once permits and materials are in place!
  • June 25, 2012 – Project starts July 2012! Sites have tentatively been identified for Ndonyo Wasin and Sere Olipi pending hydrogeological surveys.

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