School Challenge

Empowering Youth to Create Positive Change

The School Challenge offers an exciting and unique opportunity for young people of any age to get involved and create positive change in the world. We build a water and sanitation project while you do your fundraising and you will receive all the updates with pictures and stories from our local partners. You can follow every step of the way and know exactly where your money is going.

See the difference you are making in the lives of students just like you!

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Pick a goal!

How much money would you like to raise?

Pick an event or activity!

How will you raise the money?

Get moving!

Create a timeline, ask for help and spread the word



What makes the School Challenge so different?

Construction for these unique projects begin while participating students are fundraising! This means they’ll received regular updates, including pictures and stories, so they can see first-hand the impact of their involvement.

How long will it take to complete this project?

As participating schools raise funds throughout the school year, School Challenge projects normally launch in the fall and the anticipated completion date is sometime in the spring.

Who can participate in the School Challenge?

We encourage anyone to join the School Challenge! Whether you’re at a traditional school, being home schooled, in a youth group or a club. During the 2016/2017 School Challenge, 127 schools/groups from 11 countries participated, bringing clean water to 5,250 people.

What happens when we reach our fundraising goal?

If the funds raised upon project completion surpass our goal and the pledges submitted by participating schools, we will direct additional funds raised towards another important project. There are always projects needing your support so all fundraising campaigns will make a difference! Should this fortunate situation occur, we will then also provide information on the additional project(s) to participating schools.

Can we book an appearance to meet Ryan?

Yes! Please fill out the following form to book Ryan or another staff member for a motivational talk. In 2016/2017, Ryan Skyped with 83 Schools and visited 35 schools around the world!