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Full Circle: Back to Angolo School with a new goal for better lives

It was just 15 years ago that a six-year-old boy named Ryan Hreljac learned in school that not every child in the world could have clean water by taking a few steps to the water fountain. It made him both sad and angry, and very determined to make things right in any way he could.

What a difference he made. With nothing more than determination and more than a little stubbornness, he raised over $2000 for that very first well at Angolo Primary School in Uganda. When he eventually visited the school and shyly traipsed down a dusty lane flanked by happy villagers applauding and shouting their greetings, this unassuming little boy walked into history.

This story has come full circle with our new Featured Project. Ryan’s first well was recently rehabilitated due to mechanical breakdown over the years. But now a different challenge is faced by Angolo School, and the new high school which has been added at the same location. With over 1,650 students attending  both schools, only five latrines are available for this large population. This is not nearly enough to ensure proper hygiene and sanitation, which will be the new focus for Angolo Schools.

Activities: The New Challenge

The situation has been carefully monitored, studied and a plan in place with our partner on the ground. Here are some of the goals for the coming months.

  • 17 new latrines, a rainwater harvesting tank and three handwashing stations must be built. The latrines will be drainable to ensure sustainability going into the future.
  • All students and teachers will receive water, sanitation and hygiene training to ensure cleanliness and reduction of water-borne diseases.
  • For long-term success, the community will be fully engaged: with health clubs put in place for ongoing maintenance.
  • The water and sanitation committees formed from the schools and community will be responsible for the fees of draining the latrines.


There were a total of 17 latrines built for Angolo Primary School and Otwal Secondary School. There are 3 handwashing stations in total located at each block of latrines, which include a changing / washing room for girls.

WASH training was provided to all students and staff at both schools which resulted in the formation of health clubs which will be responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the latrines. Funds raised from school fees / community contributions raised by the water and sanitation committees will be used for maintenance and draining of the latrines.

Since the latrines are drainable, they will last long into the future. Sustainability of projects is a priority of Ryan’s Well and all of our partners.

It is critical that all components of WASH be introduced in schools. Clean water, sanitation and hygiene are critical in assisting with the learning that must take place in the communities that Ryan’s Well supports. Water and Sanitation Committees are crucial in  ongoing efforts to make all portions of a project  as sustainable as they can be. This cannot take place without the active participation of both the school administration officials and community members.

Looking Back: Stories of Ryan’s Well

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Kids at Angolo P.S. in 2000: a young Ryan in the middle

Kids at Angolo P.S. in 2000: a young Ryan in the middle