Rowan’s Dream Memorial

Ammoussime Primary School

At Amoussime/C Primary School in Ametonoukondji, 78km east of Togo’s capital city of Lomé, 358 students had no well, no proper bathroom and nowhere to wash their hands. In fact, there was no safe drinking water for anyone in the community of over 4,000 people. Women and children bore the responsibility of fetching water for their families from a local river – many kilometres away – which was contaminated. Sickness and disease were a constant in the community.

When Rowan Stringer passed away in 2013, her dream of helping children in Africa did not. The “Rowan’s Dream Fund” has helped bring clean water and safe sanitation to the young students of Amoussime School…changing lives and building brighter futures!

Water is Flowing

It was an exciting day when the clean water well was drilled at Amoussime Primary. To ensure the safety of the water, samples were collected and brought to the laboratory of the University of Lomé where the water was declared safe to drink. The health of the water confirmed, a water tank was constructed to store the water. From the tank, water is piped around the school yard so each class is able to draw fresh drinking water from the taps.

And for the people in the community and surrounding area – who are mostly farmers growing maize and cassava – clean water is now available from community taps.

The A, B, Cs of Sanitation

An eight-stance latrine was also built at the Amoussime/C Primary School, providing the children a safe, private place to go to the bathroom. Children and teachers alike have all learned about proper handwashing techniques. And children take these lessons home with them to teach their families, increasing everyone’s chances for healthier lives in the long-term. Hygiene clubs have been set up to help raise funds for ongoing maintenance.

In Memory of Rowan’s Giving Nature

Rowan leaves a legacy of spirit, caring, sharing and love. Thanks to the Rowan’s Dream fund, the school and community around Ametonoukondji, Togo, is finding its way to better health and a more promising future.

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Rowan Stringer June 25, 1995 to May 12, 2013

Rowan Stringer
June 25, 1995 to May 12, 2013