Army of Love for Jaimie Anderson


The Rukungiri area, in western Uganda, is absolutely stunning. Mountainous, lush and fertile. Palm trees and coffee plantations everywhere. There is plenty of water underground here, but the problem is accessing it.

In the naturalistic wonder of these mountains, protected springs have been built in memory of Jaimie Anderson, bringing clean water to people who have none.

Jaimie passed away on January 16, 2010. But through the love of her family and friends, Jaimie’s memory lives on…bringing a more hopeful future to people half a world away. Generous donations from Jaime’s “Army of Love” are providing clean water and safe sanitation to some of the poorest areas of Uganda.

Protected Springs

In the Bushenyi district, protected springs deliver clean flowing water to schools and villages. Every household contributes to a water fund for maintenance. Not a lot of repairs are required for protected springs – the tank must be cleaned a couple of times each year, and the tap may need fixing after prolonged use.

During a Ryan’s Well monitoring trip to this area, many women spoke to us to learn about Jaime. They expressed their sorrow at a young life ended much too soon. And everyone wanted Jaimie’s family to know how truly grateful they are for the gift of water in her name.

Attached to each spring is a plaque that was specially made in Kampala, some six hours from Rukungiri. It reads:

“Donated by: Jaimie Alexandra Williams Anderson family. In memory of her life. November 6, 1986 to January 16, 2010.”

In July 2011, a celebration of Jaimie’s life was held at Rwamagaya parish church. It must have been quite an occasion when the community gathered along with the women of RWIDF for a mass to honour Jaimie, and to celebrate the new water sources built in her memory.

Coo Oya and Abung Genga Village Wells

After decades of insecurity in northern Uganda and years in internally displaced people camps, residents returned to their land to find basic infrastructures destroyed by rebels. Women and girls had to walk four kilometers each way to find water. Communities set to rebuilding and renewal.

New wells were constructed in Jaimie’s honour, providing safe water to people in great need. And what a difference it’s made. Children can attend school regularly. Time and energy is now devoted to farming, caring for families and building a healthier community. Jaimie’s legacy has helped to rebuild these communities and provide hope.

A Legacy That Gives New Life

Jaimie’s light continues to burn bright by giving hope to others. If you’d like to honour her name with a tribute gift, please click here.

Jaimie Anderson, November 6, 1986 to January 16, 2010