The projects aim to reduce morbidity and mortality resulting from waterborne diseases by increasing equitable access to safe water, sanitation, and better hygiene practices among chronically vulnerable communities in selected districts of Rukungiri, Mitooma and Ntungamo. This will result in creation of an efficient rural water supply system that provide sustainable and sufficient clean water in poor rural settlements.


  • Construction of 26 low yield protected springs.
  • 03 rainwater harvesting tanks each 30,000L.
  • 01 drainable gender sensitive four stance VIP latrine.
  • 05 VSLA (Village Savings Lending and Association).
  • Water & Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) Education.
  • **01 Tipper truck for construction purposes**


  • Overall safe water coverage in the Rukungiri and Mitooma districts is currently only at 62%.
  • Much of the population relies on collecting surface water for drinking and domestic uses, because the mountainous terrain makes it nearly impossible to construct wells.
  • Because of this, many people suffer from frequent flu, typhoid, malaria, stomach illnesses and other water and vector borne diseases.
  • 41% of household income in this region is spent on health care – much of which could be avoided with access to clean water and sanitation.
  • This extra expense has led to poor school attendance, poor educational performance, and early dropout (especially for girls).
  • Residents of the Rukungiri, Mitooma, and Ntungamo districts must walk long distances to collect water (Approx. 1hr per day).


Rukungiri Women Integrated Development Foundation (RWIDF) is the 2022 UN Global Women Award Winner for empowering women in Uganda. Founded in 2002, RWIDF is a non-governmental women’s organization in Rukungiri District Western Uganda.

It is mandated to enhance the skills, livelihoods, and well-being of women and youth, mobilize communities, and increase awareness of water, sanitation, and hygienic standards, income promotion/credit scheme, reproductive health, food security, education, good governance, and human rights advocacy. In the past 20 years, RWIDF and Ryan’s Well Foundation have constructed over 342 water tanks, 17 rainwater harvesting tanks, 9 deep wells, 5 shallow wells, and 20 VIP latrines in the districts of Rukungiri, Mitooma, and Ntungamo.

Every effort is made to designate your funds as requested; however, if the specified project has become fully funded or unforeseen circumstances delay its start, we may allocate your donation to another important project.

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