See the difference you are making in the lives of students just like you!

The School Challenge offers a unique opportunity for students to get involved and create positive change in the world. We build a water and sanitation project while you do your fundraising!

How long does it take to complete projects?

As participating schools raise funds throughout the school year, the School Challenge projects launch in the spring and the anticipated completion date is sometime in winter. Typically the project takes 10 months to complete (April to January).

What happens when the fundraising goal is reached?

Should this fortunate situation occur and the funds exceed our project goal, we will the direct additional funds towards another important project. There is always a need for funding so your donation will continue to make a difference!


2024-2025 School Challenge

Location: Ashanti Region (Southern Ghana)

Partner: Dawn of a New Age (DONA)

Project Fund Code: GHDONA2025

How Many People Will the Project Help? 6,500+; 16 schools

Donation Goal




Project Activities

  • Construction of 16 deep wells, one for each school.
  • Construction of 16 overhead tanks (Water Reservoirs).
  • Installation of hand washing and water collection stations.
  • Water & Sanitation Hygiene (WASH).
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Evaluation of projects.

Why WASH Projects in Ashanti Region Schools (Ghana)

Most primary schools in rural communities of Ashanti region have unqualified teachers, as trained teachers are reluctant to work in these remote areas due to inadequate amenities such as water. Student enrollment is very low in such schools and academic performance among the children is poor. Children walk about 1 hour every day to fetch water every day and, in some instances, they never return to class for afternoon lessons once they are sent to the far water sources.

How Can Our School Help?

There are a couple of ways that you can help with this project through the School Challenge. Of course, you can fundraise to help contribute (if you need some ideas to get you jump-started, click here), but you can also help to raise awareness of the issue!

Here are some tips to help share why you’re passionate about clean water with everyone, such as:

  • Create an Event on Facebook, or post about what you’ve learned in your status.
  • Make a video and share with friends and family, or online.
  • Take photos of the work you’re doing and why you’re doing it.
  • Make poster to put up around your school.
  • Start a Ryan’s Well Club at your school or on Facebook.
  • Reach out to your local newspaper, radio station, etc., to share why you’re passionate about access to clean water.

If you want to read about some students just like you who made an incredible difference, check out our Get Motivated page!

Frequently Asked Questions

While we try to send Ryan or a representative of the Foundation upon request, it is not always feasible based on distance and staff availability. If you are interested in booking an appearance request with Ryan or another staff or board member, please let us know! Remember, video conferencing is a helpful alternative to any appearance request. Be sure to indicate whether you’d be willing to connect online!


When sending in your donation, please be sure to include your e-mail address and school name, so that we can send you a receipt and certificate!

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