Ryan’s Well was founded by Ryan Hreljac, and was registered as a non-profit in Ontario in 2001.

Ryan’s Well Foundation is a family of people committed to delivering access to safe water as an essential way to improve the lives of people in the developing world. We motivate citizens of all ages to take action and effect positive change in the world.

Here are some quick facts:

  • We have completed 1,767 water projects and 1,322 latrines in 17 countries, bringing safe water and sanitation to 1,507,911 people.
  • We are a Canadian registered charity (charitable registration # 88858 7110 RR0001).
  • On average, 86 cents of every dollar donated directly supports our charitable programs (Build-Educate-Motivate).
  • We have a small staff of just three full-time and one part-time staff in Kemptville, Ontario.
  • We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that meets quarterly.
  • Our fiscal year end is March 31st, and our financial statements are audited annually by Hendry Warren LLP Chartered Professional Accountants, Ottawa, Ontario.
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There are many factors that determine the cost of a well and other types of water access, such as protected springs or rainwater harvesting tanks. What country is the well in? Is it a deep or shallow well based on terrain and geology? How accessible is the well site? What community activities and training are taking place to support the well? Is there a latrine included? These are all questions that impact the costs of our water and sanitation projects, and are important factors in the sustainability of safe water sources. As a guideline, a deep well in Uganda generally costs between $10,000 and $15,000 Canadian dollars, depending on the region. Costs include community mobilization, monitoring, training the Water Committee on managing/maintaining their water source, and hygiene education – all of which are essential for long-term sustainability of the well. Our Active Projects will give you a good idea of the current costs for our projects based on all these important factors for building sustainable water access.


While we try to send Ryan or a representative of the Foundation upon request, it is not always feasible based on distance and staff availability. If you are interested in booking an appearance request with Ryan or another staff or board member, please let us know! Remember, video conferencing is a helpful alternative to any appearance request. Be sure to indicate whether you’d be willing to connect online!

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