GREAT start to our Monday!

GREAT START to our Monday! Read about the fantastic fundraiser designed by students from Elm River Colony's Brennan School (Manitoba)! We're so proud of them.
Grade 6 - 8 Social Studies teacher Karen Maendel explains the students have been studying global issues, people, and places in the world. She says one of the places that they discussed is Africa, and learned about its poverty, water crisis, and even the education crisis.
Maendel says Ryan Hreljac decided that he was going to take action. She notes it took her two close classes to read the story to her students, noting it opened their eyes and gave them a bit of a glimpse into a world we were not familiar with, seeing as we have everything in our hands. This turned into a project for the school to help the cause.
"We even actually set up a Zoom meeting with Ryan. We got to talk to Ryan himself, who's close to 30 years of age now. We chatted with him about it and told him our plans for this fundraiser. He was excited about it, as well."
Well done!! Portage SD #empowerkids

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