Water: The First Step to Change

In the village of Rapadama, Burkina Faso, the Mogtedo Primary is one of the schools where we have done work. The village community has gone to great lengths to support the school. Once clean water became a reality, the villagers focused on other essentials that would help the children.


School lunch programThe Parent-Teacher committee (PTA) organized a lunch program at the school. Every child who attends classes is able to have a meal during the day. While a serving of cooked millet may not seem as appetizing as a bowl of Capt’n Crunch to a North American child, at Mogtedo Primary it is critical nourishment and is cheerfully gobbled up.


Some of the SOS children

With the installation of the well, the community now has the strength and impetus to establish themselves in a positive way to provide for their youth. I believe a clean water source is just the beginning of many innovative projects that are created as a healthy and vibrant village comes into its own.


In recent years, I have noticed an inner strength that stems from providing education for the youth of the future. It’s amazing to see that where there is a truly sustainable investment in education, a community grows and flourishes. Having a local water source is pivotal for change. Water is where it begins!

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