Completed Projects

Ghana – 2012/13 School Challenge

Your students have helped bring safe water, sanitation and hygiene education to 3 Ashanti region schools and 1 school in the Volta region of Ghana!

Burkina Faso – Orezone Partnership Project: Clean Water for Léo Women’s Shea Butter Co-Op Phase 3

Four new wells and 8 latrines have helped approximately 4,000 women devote more time to creating healthier, more prosperous lives for themselves & their families.

Burkina Faso – Mogtedo College

Students and teachers of Mogtedo College have an improved learning environment with safe water, new latrines and handwashing stations!

Uganda – WASH for Bushenyi District

Thanks to your support, 15 protected springs, 10 latrines with handwashing & community training and outreach will provide safe water & sanitation to the community.

Tanzania – Safe Water with the Jane Goodall Tendaguru Wildlife Trust

With no permanent rivers or water sources, women are forced to travel 5-6 hours in search of water. A new borehole will provide over 1,500 people with access to safe water.

Togo – Bentall Kennedy WASH for Schools in Togo

Thanks to Bentall Kennedy & others, Klikame and Avenou Primary Schools now have access to safe water & sanitation.

Kenya – The Samburu Project Phase 2

In an area where water and sanitation was predominantly non-existent – 2 new wells, will help approximately 2,000 people live healthier, more prosperous lives.

Kenya – 2011/12 School Challenge: Ngong Sub-County WASH Project

A record 31 schools from 7 countries learned more about rainwater harvesting and raised the funds needed to help over 2,500 people in Kenya!

Haiti – Nan Lundi Community Water and Sanitation

This project continues progress made before and after the 2010 earthquake with the construction of 3 wells and 5 latrines.

Ghana – Community Water and Sanitation for Amansie West Phase 3

The 3rd phase of this project expanded work into additional communities and schools with 3 wells, 1 rainwater harvesting system and 2 latrines.