Completed Projects

Ghana 2013 Water & Sanitation Project

The Ashanti region of Ghana continues to face challenges of water access and water quality.

Seasonal Giving: Watoto World Center Well

“Watoto” means “Children” in Swahili, and at the Watoto World Center, children are what this orphanage focuses on.  Located in Southern Kenya, the WWC is growing every day. Unfortunately, resources are becoming limited, which is why we...
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Featured Project

By providing capacity training for our East African partners, Ryan’s Well is working with our current partners in Kenya and Uganda so that each organization can share their expertise with each other. The training and...
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Community Re-Engagement & Organization of 5 Villages

Ryan’s Well, with their partners at the Hopital Albert Schweitzer, are looking to bring stability to the lives of thousands in the humble area of Haiti. HAS is a long time partner of Ryan’s Well...
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17 Wells for Communities: Phase 3 WASH

Without an effective support and maintenance system, a well will only go so far. Help us prolong the impact of our wells and rain harvesting units.

Partner Leadership Development

Development begins with education. Help us provide our partner at Divine Water with the resources he needs to make a difference in his country.

Maasai Rainwater Harvesting Project

With the participation of our community, we can bring an invaluable and consistent source of water to the Massai people of Kenya.

Completing the WASH Cycle at Bessiel Primary School

With your help, we can bring sanitation and stability to 600 students—allowing them to stay in school longer and live safer, healthier lives.

Empowering Primary Schools & Communities

Because of you, 8,100 students and teachers will be positively affected by the 25 protected springs and 6 hand washing stations at past schools where we have already built latrines.

Haiti: Completing The WASH Cycle Phase Seven

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Your generosity will complete a healthy water and sanitation loop for 3,350 people.