Completed Projects 2015

Seasonal Giving: Watoto World Center Well

“Watoto” means “Children” in Swahili, and at the Watoto World Center, children are what this orphanage focuses on.  Located in Southern Kenya, the WWC is growing every day. Unfortunately, resources are becoming limited, which is why we...
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Completing the WASH Cycle at Bessiel Primary School

With your help, we can bring sanitation and stability to 600 students—allowing them to stay in school longer and live safer, healthier lives.
WASH For Schools In Togo 2015

WASH For Schools In Togo 2015

Donation Goal: $51,485

Because of you, 1,487 students at four different schools in northern Togo will benefit from clean water, proper sanitation and WASH Training.

Water For Ashanti

Donation Goal: $57,500

Five bore holes, five water committees, WASH training, and brighter futures - all because you have helped the Ashanti region in Ghana. You can provide clean water, better health, and brighter futures in Ghana.