Walter’s Dream

blog 3. WalterOff to another site in Uganda! This one is particularly special because it is home to our School Challenge site. Every year, we pick a school that is in desperate need of access to clean water. That school will then become the focus of thousands of students across the world. Students, teachers, and parents work together to come up with fundraisers to raise money to help bring access to clean water and sanitation to their fellow students across the world! It is truly remarkable.

This year’s School Challenge location was Ajobi Primary School in Uganda. It was awesome to see how much the well was being used by students and by fellow community members. This well has changed so many lives. They welcomed us with open arms, a meal and a great celebration! One of the students who I had the pleasure of meeting was Walter. Walter is a student in P6 (Grade 6 here in Canada) at Ajobi. He talked about football and he laughed at me when I told him about my favourite team. Walter thought it was silly to root for the underdog, but I beg to differ. Walter also told me about his aspirations for life. He loves math, so he has decided to be an accountant. Having access to water at his school will help keep Walter and other kids at the school for longer, bringing him closer to being an accountant.  I am privileged to be a part of that dream.

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