The Kenyan Way of Life

At the end of our first day of monitoring wells, in the Rift Valley with the Massai people, we were greeted by a group of families at the site of the final water tank we were set to visit. There was a celebration here, and we all had a great time eating and socializing with the local people, who generously donated a goat for our meal!

Being surrounded by community members, you can very evidently see the tangible effects of bringing a well into a community. Not only do women and children have more time for other chores, but children are able to focus on being in school, rather than walking miles a day to fetch water.

One thing that strikes me about the Maasai culture is their visually breathtaking surroundings. Bright colours, elaborated beaded collars, and a friendly, hard-working group of people who work exceptionally hard to just make it through life. Their spirit and determination is commendable.


12 JenniferI had the pleasure of meeting one mother, Jennifer, who had shared with me how access to clean water has changed her life. She shared her story about how through her whole life, she had to carry water for miles. It was so heavy and she did it so often, that she now had a permanent dent on the top of her head from the water jugs. She was so thankful and relieved to finally have easy access to clean water. Throughout the journey across Kenya, our rain harvesting tanks have affected so many lives, and the local people were so appreciative. Many of them brought beautiful and much appreciated gifts with them. Their kind words of thanks are something I will never forget. It is truly an honour and a privilege to be working for these wonderful people, in such a gorgeous region of Kenya.

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