School Challenge 2022 – Updates

Exciting news! We received an update from the DivineAID team in Northern Uganda, where this year’s School Challenge project is being built. The 2022 School Challenge project will provide two deep wells in Northern Uganda, and to date, your funds have supported the construction and installation of one deep well in Aromo Sub-County.

The first School Challenge well was built for Beitmat Village in Aromo Sub-County; the well was installed on June 7, 2022. Matalala Village in Aromo Sub-County will also receive a deep well this year; the DivineAID team are actively working on this second well now! Both wells will undergo water quality testing before the water sources can be commissioned and officially handed over to the villages.

The work is not done for this community! Our local partner will also educate Beitman and Matalala village members on proper WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) techniques. This WASH training includes this basic education, and how to maintain and source repairs for their water source. You can read about WASH here.

Community mobilization, participation, and complete ownership of the project are the key to long-lasting results. At the beginning of April, our local partner DivineAID, in collaboration with Lira District Development Officials, identified communities in desperate need of safe water, but also ones that demonstrated great leadership and an eagerness to take care of their new water source. During this assessment, Beitman and Matalala villages were identified.

Before the construction of this deep well, people living in Beitman villages would drink from contaminated surface ponds, and use this same source for handwashing, dishes, and clothing. Thanks to the 2022 School Challenge participants, villagers have reported an immediate reduction in water-related illnesses and flu. Also, the incidence of waterborne diseases has greatly reduced. These diseases (diarrhoea, worms, dysentery, typhoid, skin diseases) were very common within Beitman village, but with this new well, people are feeling so much better. They want to say a big “Apowoyo Matet (Thank You)!”

Once again, thank you to the 14 schools who have already donated towards this year’s School Challenge project, and to those of you still busy with fundraising activities! We could not do our work with partners like DivineAID without incredible people like you! Be sure to check out this webpage for another update in August 2022, and send any questions to!