Monthly Giving

Your gift works month to month to bring safe water to thousands in need and help spread Ryan’s message that everyone can make a difference.

Monthly giving is the most convenient, cost effective and environmentally friendly way to donate to Ryan’s Well Foundation.


Your monthly gift will help:

– Prevent thousands of people from dying of water related diseases

– Children receive an education

– Parents to spend time with their children

– Provide access to latrines and proper sanitation


Want to learn more?

We have watched the evolution of Ryan’s Well since it’s very beginnings and, because we were struck by the value of its mission, decided to become supporters. We recognize that sustainable revenue is critical for any organization; however, significant once-a-year donations often seem difficult and aren’t necessarily continued year after year. Therefore, we decided to contribute a small amount every month, and the payments are charged to our credit card. A little bit given frequently usually adds up to much more than a lot given only once in a while, and has the added benefit of not feeling difficult.  -John Polak, Monthly Donor since 2006


What are the benefits of being a monthly donor?

  • It’s easy! Regular donations can be made in affordable monthly payments
  • Giving options include: credit card deductions easily set up on our website, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), as well as post dated cheques
  • Donors can easily increase, decrease, pause or stop their gift at any time
  • Save postage and time with automatic transactions
  • Canadian residents receive a cumulative tax receipt annually