Student / Teacher Ambassador Program

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Welcome to our Student / Teacher Ambassador Program!

Are you a leader?

Do you want to improve your leadership and communication abilities?

Are you driven and hardworking?

Then the Ryan’s Well Foundation wants YOU to be your class’ Student and/ or Teacher Ambassador!


This year, the Ryan’s Well Foundation will be taking one student from each class participating in the School Challenge program to be a Student Ambassador. You will work closely with your teacher to organize fundraising opportunities for the Ryan’s Well Foundation for your class, or around your school. You will also be the go-between for your class and the Ryan’s Well Foundation, letting us know how your class’ fundraising and the Monthly Challenges are going, and giving your class updates from us on how the building of your water project is going, while it is happening! You’ll also be responsible for organizing Skype sessions with Ryan himself for your class!


As Student Ambassador, you are responsible for leading the discussion for each month’s challenge. You will be in charge of executing activities, and rallying your peers to fundraise for Ryan’s Well. In this way, it is very important that you supply us with your email upon signing up for Student Ambassador. You will be the in between contact for your class and Ryan’s Well; we must be able to contact you! 


Being a Student Ambassador is no easy feat. We know that you will have other commitments such as homework, school clubs, and social time. By taking on this responsibility though, you will be expanding your leadership skills, fulfill your mandatory volunteer hours, and maybe even make some new friends along the way! You will also be directly responsible for providing water to someone across the world who has none. Believe us, it’s a pretty rewarding feeling :) 

Think you’re up for it? Talk to your teacher! Hopefully, we’ll hear from you as the next Ryan’s Well Student Ambassador!

Become A Ryan’s Well Student Ambassador