Ethical Essentials for Ryan’s Well!

Ethical Essentials is an e-commerce pop up shop dedicated to providing its customers with a basic care kit that  provides safe, environmentally friendly, all natural and Canadian made products. Ran by a group of five students in their final year at Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Colombia, Ethical Essentials’ vision is to help protect clean and safe drinking water across the globe. From now until August 31st, all proceeds from their Ethical Essentials Personal Care Kits go to the Ryan’s Well Foundation! To learn more about this initiative and what prompted these students to raise money for Ryan’s Well, read on :)


Team Member Susan Fox modelling Ethical Essentials' products

Team Member Susan Fox modelling Ethical Essentials’ products


Meet The Team

Susan Fox from Port Alberni, Vancouver Island BC

Amy Mendis from Redwood Meadows, Alberta

Steve Halliday from Abbottsford, BC

Gerry Hohl from Victoria, BC

Steven Cuthbert from London, Ontario

Q: What prompted you to start “Ethical Essentials”

A: Our degree program mixes theory into practice with several projects. Since our Bachelor of Commerce’s focus is in Entrepreneurship, some of the projects are to start actual businesses. We were given one week to finalize an idea and launch our store for a budget of no more than $125.00.  Now our challenge is to sell as many of our Ethical Essentials hygiene kits as we can until the end of August!

Our team incubated several ideas and Ethical Essentials came out on top as we all felt passionate about our vision for products that are good for people and the planet. Our slogan is “clean bodies, clean water, clean planet.” We strongly believe that basic hygiene and access to clean water is a basic right that everyone should have, and we hope that the products that we carry reflect that.

Q: Why did you decide to choose Ryan’s Well as your charity of choice?

A: The Ryan’s Well story struck a chord with us, that no matter how old you are you can be moved to make a difference.  When Ryan was 6, he took what he heard and did something with it. His call to action is inspiring and we can all learn from  that!  It is also very meaningful for our customers, some of who know of the charity too and are excited that we are supporting it.  For us, Ryan’s Well reflects the passion and purpose we feel for clean water and hygiene.  It is shocking and alarming how many people go without basic hygiene and clean water – whereas here in Canada, sometimes we complain about how hard it is to drink as much water as we need to each day.  For us, Ryan’s Well clearly exemplifies this, and the energy and passion at Ryan’s Well is evident.

We are so thankful that Ryan’s Well has welcomed us with open arms.  It has been such a great experience to work with you!  Ryan’s Well has made us feel that all of our efforts are important and we appreciate that because the team has been working day and night, especially our CEO Steve Halliday!

Q: How do you hope your business will aid clean water initiatives?

In three ways really:

1) Raise awareness with anyone who visits our store and /or Facebook.  I want customers to know that they are getting a great product while also protecting clean water for the planet. Education is powerful.

2) Raise money for Ryan’s Well and the work the Foundation does.

3) Raise awareness for the work of Ryan’s Well.  Let’s get the word out about this great charity and hopefully inspire other’s to take up their own efforts on behalf of Ryan’s Well!

Q: Where can people find your products?

We have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest where you can keep up to date with the latest happenings of Ethical Essentials.  If you like our products, they can be found for purchase through our online store at: You can also email us with any questions or concerns at