Corporate Giving

The Ryan’s Well Foundation works closely with our corporate partners to launch mutually beneficial fundraising campaigns, cause-marketing initiatives, media and other unique opportunities that have a sustainable impact on providing clean water and sanitation.

Partnering with Ryan’s Well Foundation, can help you:

  • Enhance your corporate image
  • Add value to your brand
  • Increase sales
  • Differentiate your products and services from your competitors
  • Foster employee goodwill
  • Attract and retain employees
  • Increase public awareness for your company

“I am writing to offer my highest recommendation of Ryan’s Well Foundation.   As an executive, I have worked with countless charitable organizations; contribution and community service are cornerstones of both my business and family.  Few charities demonstrate the integrity and commitment that are upheld by Ryan’s Well Foundation.

I met the Hreljacs when Ryan was six years old.  He had just discovered his passion for people, the need for clean water in African nations, and the drive to become an agent of change in our world.  I was immediately intrigued by his giving heart, intelligent mind, and spirit of kindness – all so pronounced for such a young man.  It has been remarkable to witness Ryan’s ever-deepening commitment to building clean water wells in Africa over the past twenty years.  The substantial growth of the organization over these two decades has delivered significant change through life-giving water to people in need; thus, the work accomplished by Ryan’s Well brings an end to disease that would otherwise plague a nation.

It has been my honor to be a personal supporter of the Ryan’s Well Foundation and to be a champion of the foundation in the Keller Williams Realty organization.  As Chairman of the KW Cares Board of Directors, we have found a natural fit for our two charities to work together towards greater change for the people of Africa.  After a thorough vetting process and Board approval, KW Cares proudly gives a substantial grant to Ryan’s Well annually.  We have found the Foundation to be continually responsible stewards of the donations it receives.  Through good management and low operating costs, Ryan’s Well maximizes the contribution it makes to people in need.

I am confident that the good work championed by Ryan Hrelijac will continue to bring positive change to Africa into the future.”

Mo Anderson, Chairperson of the Board, KW Cares


Above: Keller Williams and KW cares have been supporting Ryan and Ryan’s Well since 2003. KW Cares annually donates a 10 percent tithe to only three selected charities in North America, one of which is the Ryan’s Well Foundation.

Our most successful corporate brand partners are multi-year initiatives and involve a number of different tactics. There are many ways for your company to get involved with Ryan’s Well Foundation:

1. You can contribute to our active projects and support our operations

  • Corporate Gift: Making a corporate charitable gift is a simple, yet significant way to fund our active clean water and sanitation projects. At the same time, your company will show to employees, clients and the larger community that you support providing clean water and sanitation to the people who need it most.
  • Cause-Marketing: More than 90% of consumers would switch to a brand supporting a good cause, and nearly 50% would pay extra for products and services from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact. By partnering with Ryan’s Well Foundation, you are taking a pro-active approach to showing your customers that you are committed to making a difference in the world by providing clean water and sanitation to the people currently living without.
  • Matching Gift: Many companies have programs that match the charitable contributions of employees. When you implement a matching contribution’s program, you enable your employees to double the impact of their gift.
  • In-Kind Gifts: Ryan’s well Foundation always appreciates in-kind gifts of products and services that can help reduce organizational and administrative costs.

2. A big part of successful corporate partnerships is employee engagement

  • Employee Giving: Encouraging your employees to actively support Ryan’s Well Foundation is a cost-effective way to make an impact. Your employees can opt to donate a portion of each paycheck to Ryan’s Well Foundation. This aligns well with your employees commitment to give back, and your company’s sustainability commitment.
  • Customer Giving: Your company can host events for clients as a way to educate them about the global water crisis and Ryan’s Well Foundation
  • Community Giving: Your company can participate in community races and events, and fundraising campaigns to raise funds for Ryan’s Well Foundation. These community options also allows your company and employees to get their community involved.

3. You can also support our work by helping us spread awareness

  • Media Support
  • Event Sponsorship
  • Social Media Support

Expenses pie chart

During this past fiscal year, 85% of every dollar spent was used to directly support our charitable BUILD ( water, sanitation and hygiene) and EMPOWER(Education and Motivation) programs. As we continue to examine ways to grow and diversify our revenue stream, we are deeply committed to ensuring donations are directed towards our important mission of improving lives and inspiring positive change in the world. Our small and efficient team is critical to keeping our overall fundraising costs at 6% and our average administrative cost at 9%. The foundations fiscal year runs from April 1st to March 31st. Our annual audit and financial statements are completed by the firm of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, Ottawa, Ontario.

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For more information on how your company can become involved, contact: Stephanie Lapensee, Fund Development and Donor Stewardship,

Step by Step Guide to Payroll Reduction

Step 1: Set up an internal account for all the payroll deductions. This would be handled by your payroll or HR department

Step 2: Your company asks Ryan’s Well Foundation to fill out a form for taxable donations through Revenue Canada

Step 3: Once all forms are submitted and approved by Revenue Canada in accordance with Canadian taxation laws, your company will need to determine when they will submit payment to Ryan’s Well Foundation

Step 4: When each payment is submitted to Ryan’s Well Foundation, you need to include a list of the donating employees, and their home addresses as well as the amount contributed, so accurate tax receipts can be issued

Step 5: Ryan’s Well Foundation will set up an account to receive the funds from your company, allocate your donations, and send a report to your company on an annual basis.