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Water and WASH for 3 Health Centres, 5 Schools, and 7 Communities

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About the Project The project will be implemented in fifteen small communities in the Amansie Central, Adansi South and North, Obuasi Municipal,...
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GHANA: Additional Project – Water and WASH for Two Health Centres, Two Schools, and a Community

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About the Project Because project work in Ghana is going so quickly and so well this year, we have decided to add...
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GHANA: WASH for 5 Health Clinics, 3 Schools, and 3 Communities

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About the Project This year’s project in the Ashanti region of Ghana will connect another five health centres to a safe water...
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In Ghana, more than five million people rely on surface water to meet their daily water needs, leaving them vulnerable to water-related...
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Ghana: Water & WASH for Four Health Centres and Two Communities

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Ryan’s Well, along with local partner DONA (Dawn of the New Age) will continue our work in the Ashanti region of Southwest...
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Ghana 2013 Water & Sanitation Project

The Ashanti region of Ghana continues to face challenges of water access and water quality.