WASH For Schools In Togo 2015

WASH For Schools In Togo 2015

Northern Togo
Project Partner: AED Togo

Sick because of unsanitary water. Embarrassed due to a lack of privacy. These are two reasons 1,487 students in Togo miss school far too often. By donating, you can change that.

With the help of our local partner AED Togo, the Ryan’s Well Foundation will begin work on a project that will benefit the Batome Primary School, Adidogome Nursery School and Health Centre, Gwanoeme Primary School, Ataregbe Primary School, and the 4,146 people who live in the surrounding communities.

By donating, you will make possible:

  • Two deep bore holes
  • The construction of eight four-stance latrines
  • Changing/washing rooms for girls
  • Rehabilitation of one deep well
  • Construction of four handwashing stations
  • WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) training at each location
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation

Higher attendance at schools, especially when it comes to female students, and a healthier community. This is all possible with your donation.

Partner: AED Togo
Project Cost: $51,485
Fund code: TOAED2015