Uganda: WASH and Training Project

Location: Kampala, Southern Uganda

Partners: Divine Waters Uganda and Rukungiri Women’s Integrated Development Foundation (RWIDF)

Project Fund Code: UGWT2020

Donation Goal For This Project is $10,480
0% Donated/$10,480 To Go

In all of the work that Ryan’s Well engages in, it is imperative that the projects we support are sustainable. Our partners on the ground strive to get better in the work they do with each and every project, and it is important that the organizations we work with are up to date with the changes that are continually taking place in the world of water and sanitation. Shared best practices and learning in a face-to-face setting in the field helps with the practical realities of the work we are doing; common challenges can be discussed with a goal of learning, improving the work that we are doing, and building our partner’s organizational capacities.

Words cannot express how proud we at Ryan’s Well are to be connected to such a wonderful group of partners. We have worked with both of these partners for many years. Thanks to open dialogue and frequent experience sharing projects like this one, the work that is being done in the field gets better and better each year. This is because each partner and their families live in the area where they work, living side-by-side with the beneficiaries of the work they are doing, and are committed to the best and most sustainable water and sanitation projects.

What do Funds Support?

In early May of 2019, two of our partners, Divine Waters Uganda and the Rukungiri Women’s Integrated Development Foundation (RWIDF), will come together with members from Ryan’s Well in Kampala, Southern Uganda, for a WASH and Training project. Ideas will be shared regarding challenges that can occur in the field, and possible solutions will be discussed for the resolution of what is presented. WASH delivery will be discussed throughout the week, and the different ways that training can be delivered. The current project phase of work will be talked about, as well as the future target areas that need to be focused on in our project delivery in the next few years.

The Uganda WASH and Training project will encompass hands-on learning in the field, coming together as a collective team, learning from past challenges and determining how we can continually improve what we do together to achieve sustainability for all.

Importance of this Project

Sustainability: To be truly sustainable, projects must be managed by the local community. This is why our partners work closely with members of the communities to set up committees made up of people living in the area. It’s also why bank accounts are opened by the communities and funds are raised; this is so when maintenance and repairs are needed, money is available to do what’s required in a timely manner. Local community involvement, taking ownership of the infrastructure and ongoing management is imperative to the success of every project. It is of vital importance that members of Ryan’s Well and our partners in-country have access to the most current theories and strategies for implementing sustainable water and sanitation projects, and that we discuss how to achieve these strategies for all of our current and future projects.

Training: Up-to-date WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) training is critical for success in improving the health of communities in which we work. For example, there is not much use putting clean water in a contaminated container! For this reason and many more, our partners spend a lot of time teaching how to prevent water-related diseases, adopting hygiene behaviours and healthy habits. This means annual training for ourselves and our partners to remain up-to-date with the latest water and sanitation practices and innovations.

  Every effort is made to designate your funds as requested; however, if the specified project has become fully funded or unforeseen circumstances delay its start, we may allocate your donation to another important project.