Uganda 2013-2014 Water & Hygiene Training Omoro Sub-County

Omoro Sub-County, Alebtong District
Project Partner: Divine Waters Uganda

This project in Omoro Sub-County, Uganda, provided seven communities with access to safe water. Approximately 9,560 people received access to clean water sources. Ryan’s Well and Divine Waters have been working in this area for the past two years; the sites were chosen as a result of government surveys and site visits to determine the communities in greatest need of water interventions.

The Goals

  • Two deep borehole water wells
  • Five shallow wells- Infrastructure and training to make project sites sustainable.

This project began in August 2013 and is due to be completed by March 2014.


Completed Project! This project spanned eight months in duration. It was a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene project in Omoro Sub County implemented by Divine Waters.

The project identified seven locations where two deep wells and five shallow wells would be developed. The end result of the project was to improve the well being of people in Omoro Sub County through provision of safe water, adequate sanitation and improved hygiene. The project promoted latrine use and construction in the seven communities (parishes) of Angetta. Angetta has the lowest coverage of WASH facilities in the entire Omoro Sub County. The project empowered water source and sanitation committees in all seven communities; The village health teams for each community were also engaged in focus group discussion and home visits by Divine.

As part of the Sustainability strategy, the project goal was to empower water source management committees (WSSC), in the simple maintenance and safe water chain training. Water quality testing was conducted at all sites.

This project is continuing our substantial work started in this area a few years ago. Omoro sub county was impacted severely from the instability in the area for the two decades of war that destroyed much of the water and sanitation infrastructure. The work we are doing around WASH has helped to organize the communities to discuss not only the water and sanitation challenges, but also other community issues that contribute to society rehabilitation.

Five shallow wells were completed in the communities of Agamorwot, Oyoko, Yoo, Amuku wie and Obanga pe Too. The two deep wells were completed in Okurango Primary School and Te-Lela Village. In total, over 3,150 people now have access to clean, potable water and have been provided training in WASH. Committees have been established and trained in maintenance and repair to extend the life of the wells in each community.

January 2014:

Our partner, Divine Waters continues our work in Northern Uganda. Omoro Sub County was identified with extremely low coverage regarding safe water sites and sanitation.

In Amoro Sub County there are six parishes.  After a baseline survey was conducted, it was determined that the Parish of Angetta had the lowest coverage. In Angetta, there are 32 villages with a total population of 15,090 people. Only 21% have access to clean water.

This phase of work includes the drilling of shallow wells in the villages of Oyokoyo, Omukowie, Obanga Pe Too, Agamorowt, and Atala. There will be two deep wells drilled at Akurango Primary School and Tetala Village. Infrastructure and training (both in maintenance and repair of sites, as well as WASH training) will be a part of this project. In total there will be 4 training workshops for 63 Water Source and Sanitation Committees. Divine will be promoting household latrine construction in all seven communities.