Uganda: 15 Wells for 14 Villages and a School

Uganda project photo Divine Waters

Alebtong District, Northern Uganda

Partner: Divine Waters Ministries Uganda

Project Code: UGDIV2018


Donation Goal For This Project is $148,465
0% Donated/$148,465 To Go

Divine Waters in Uganda has had a connection with Ryan’s Well since 2003. The team that Divine has assembled are extremely experienced in all work that they do. From the outset communities are involved all aspects of planning and implementation. WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene training) training and delivery is second to none. This project will provide approximately 5,300 people with access to potable water.

What will the funds raised support?

  • Community Organization
  • Water Management Team planning and Training
  • Drilling of wells at 14 villages and one school
  • WASH training at all communities and to students and staff at school
  • Training of 12 new pump mechanics for Alebtong District
  • Purchase of Tools required for Alebtong Handpump Mechanics Association
  • Workshop for Preventative maintenance focus group including community representation, local government, district water and health officers
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation

This is the fifth and final year of work to be done in Alebtong District. In the previous four years, we have completed 56 Wells, 15 Latrine blocks with hand washing facilities at schools, trained 30 pump mechanics and trained almost 25 thousand people in WASH. Over 600 people have received special training, those representing their communities on water committees.

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