Seasonal Giving: Watoto World Center Well

Southern Kenya

Project Partner: Watoto World

“Watoto” means “Children” in Swahili, and at the Watoto World Center, children are what this orphanage focuses on.  Located in Southern Kenya, the WWC is growing every day. Unfortunately, resources are becoming limited, which is why we need your help. 

This project is being co-funded by the Ryan’s Well Foundation. If our portion of the total project cost of $25,000 is raised, a bore hole and infrastructure will be built. This will allow the WWC to:

  • Provide clean water to the children at the orphanage
  • Provide irrigation for the gardens that feed the community 

Watoto World is planning on developing an Education & Medical Center in 2016-2017 that will serve the community at large. Medical and educational services do not currently exist in this community.

In order to continue funding these projects, water will be sold to the community to support the maintenance and repair of the well, as well as support the future growth of the orphanage.

Partner: Watoto World

Total Project Cost:  $25,000.00

Fund Code: KEWAT2016

Ryan’s Well has supported similar projects since 2001. Water is a critical piece in the beginning to improve health and it will be an investment to the future healthcare and education services in this community.