Kenya: March Matching Campaign

Kajiado County
Project Partner: POWER

In Kajiado County, south of Nairobi, the Maasai people are in serious need of clean water. This ambitious project will not only include the construction of 60 household rainwater tanks and eavestroughs for the water supply; but also empower over 600 local women to take charge of their families’ well-being in a very real way. What a substantial and significant step forward on the journey to healthy lives!

With your help, we’ll build 60 new rainwater harvesting tanks and deliver training in repair, maintenance and WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) to 60 CIGs (Community Interest Groups). The women of the communities will receive water management and utilization training to ensure strong local engagement. The people most in need will be our first priority in site selection. Ongoing maintenance and monitoring will ensure sustainability into the future, as we want the recipients of our projects to have clean water not for just the present; but for always.

Our trusted partner, POWER (Pastoralists Organization for Water and Environmental Research), has the extensive experience needed to build a successful and ongoing water supply. This project continues a partnership that began  in 2008, and will employ six local artisans who will share their expertise and knowledge in building the tanks. Women in the CIGs will also help in the construction. Since 2008, POWER has mobilized over 2,000 women, promoting community engagement and empowerment of local women.

Thank you so much for making so much great work happen, and giving real hope to so many.

Right now, donations to this campaign will be doubled up to $10,000. Double your impact right now by donating here.

Timeline: Project Start Date: May 2014
Anticipated Completion Date: March 2015

Fund Code: KEP2015

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