Hope for Haiti

Artibonite Valley,  Haiti

Partner: Hospital Albert Schweitzer (HAS)

Project Code: HAHAS2018

Donation Goal For This Project is $69,575USD
0% Donated/$69,575USD To Go

Ryan’s Well and HAS have worked together for over 10 years and have a great partnership. The hospital has a catchment area of over 200 villages, and the local staff understand the needs of the communities that it services; however, the staff lacks the required infrastructure to meet such a large demand. For this reason, HAS organizes communities, trains pump mechanics and implements long-lasting, sustainable solutions for vulnerable people to gain access to potable water and sanitation. Extensive WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) training is also involved during all stages of implementation to ensure complete community ownership. This extensive project will implement 18 Water projects, and a block of 6 latrines with a hand washing station to a school. This project will provide approximately 5,900 people with access to potable water.

What will the funds raised support? 

  • Drilling of 3 wells (two at schools and a third for a community)
  • Construction of a school rain water harvesting tank 50m3 and repairs at two other Cisterns located at 3 schools
  • Construction of 1 block (6-stance) Latrine and accompanying hand washing station at a school
  • Capping and rehabilitation of 3 community springs
  • Rehabilitation of 10 existing wells and reinforcement of water committees at each site
  • Intensive WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene education) training
  • Ongoing local monitoring and evaluation

Ryan’s Well supports work with all of our in-country partners, including HAS, in order to provide the most vulnerable communities with access to safe water, organize Water Committees to take ownership of the projects after the construction phase, ensure the rehabilitation of previous projects and to re-engage Water Committees when needed to promote long-term solutions.


Every effort is made to designate your funds as requested; however, if the specified project has become fully funded or unforeseen circumstances delay its start, we may allocate your donation to another important project.