Ghana 2013 Water & Sanitation Project

Ashanti Region
Project Partner: DONA

The Ashanti region of Ghana continues to face challenges of water access and water quality.  Improving conditions of both water and sanitation access in Amansie East and Amansie West Districts continue to be the focus for Ryan’s Well and our partners at DONA. This project included the following activities:

  • Drilling and construction of three deep wells
  • Construction of two six-seat school latrines with handwashing stations
  • Training activities for three community water source committees and two schools
  • Technical training for pump mechanics
  • School environmental sanitation competition.

*Costs included (in Canadian dollars): all construction, drilling, materials and labour as required, water quality testing, hygiene education activities, water source committee training, project monitoring, reporting & partner coordination for WASH Sustainability


25-September-2013: Two six-stance latrines have been completed at Ankaase Primary School and Bogyawe Junior High School. Handwashing stations were installed and health and hygiene training for the entire school populations took place. Both schools have implemented FMP (Facility Management Plans) for the sustainability of the facilities.

Next Phase:  Construction of two deep wells, training of community in usage and maintenance.