Our Impact

Access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene changes everything


Reducing disease, saving lives

Since our beginning in 2001, we have improved the lives of more than 996, 128 vulnerable people through the construction of over 1,429 community-led clean water projects and 1,255 latrines. These initiatives and our impact has reduced the risk of severe and debilitating diseases and even death, particularly among young children.


Empowering communities for sustained results

Our approach has strengthened the capacity of over 1,000 communities in 17 countries. Through engaging the support and expertise of local partner organizations, we have established local water point management committees, on-going hygiene education programs, and have overseen the training of village technicians to ensure long term maintenance of wells and other clean water systems.


Improving safety and opportunities for everyone

Our work has provided over 996,128 people with readily accessible clean water and safe sanitation sites. With less time needed for their role in water collection from previously distant sources, girls are able to consistently attend school and women can dedicate their energies and skills to family and income generating activities.


Promoting gender equality

Did you know that women and children are disproportionately affected by a lack of access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), and shoulder the largest burden in water collection worldwide? For this reason, the Ryan’s Well Foundation takes great pride in ensuring that our programs promote gender equity, and firmly believes that a gendered approach to WASH can positively impact the social, political and economic position of women. With this goal in mind, we work hand-in-hand with our local partners to identify the different needs, interests, and priorities of women as well as men. We also aim to support the full participation of women in the implementation and sustainability of all our WASH efforts, such as encouraging our WASH committees to have women in key leadership roles to ensure that physical and cultural aspects, as well as gender equalities, are addressed. Our staff is continuously aware of gender issues related to WASH and is constantly researching the best practices that can be implemented in our projects to mainstream gender equality. For more information on how we adopt a gender sensitive, participatory approach in our WASH programs, please contact our Project Coordinator keely@ryanswell.ca


Creating the conditions for brighter futures

Together, our initiatives have provided for the key necessities of life- the essential foundations for people and their communities to develop and grow through better health, higher education levels and improved opportunities to move from the harsh cycle of deprivation to a more promising future.