3rd Party Fundraising



We are continually amazed by the initiates we see from people of all ages who have decided to get involved and raise funds and awareness in support of the Ryan’s Well Foundation. From communities, schools, faith-based organizations, corporations, individuals – your actions are not only helping to making a difference, but support education, team-building and compassion!

Ryan’s Well has been near and dear to our family for over 20 years now.

In my work as a dental hygienist I have the privilege of interacting with hundreds of beautiful souls every few months.  Often people ask me about my involvement in Ryan’s Well and how they can help.  I share with them the difference that clean water and latrines can make in the lives of girls in the countries Ryan’s Well works.  It means they can stay in school, educate their families and by staying in school they have hope for a brighter future.

The past 2 years I have organized a “Ladies Night for Ryan’s Well”.

In Little Italy Ottawa is a wonderful restaurant called Stoneface Dolly’s who provides food and a drink at cost and donates the whole restaurant to us for the evening.  We have a silent auction and a chance to personally connect with all the guests and share Ryan’s story on a personal level. We have sold out each year; I truly believe that all of us want to help to make the world fairer we just need to know how to start.

This year we raised $6500, enough for a big latrine and handwash station for a school in Haiti.  Many more girls will be in school this September, and they will stay there because they have privacy and sanitation.  

I truly believe in the power of each one of us, together we can make a positive change in our world.

-Kelly Arnott, Board Member and 3rd Party Fundraiser

Get inspired by any of these fun, easy fundraising ideas – or use them to help create your own!

Pick a goal!

How much money would you like to raise?

Pick an event or activity!

How will you raise the money?

Get moving!

Create a timeline, ask for help and spread the word


Walk, run, skip, spin, ski, skate, swim rollerblade, dance, yoga… you get the idea! Use your favourite sport or activity to collect donations and pledges.


Ask a neighbor, local store, community park or your parents if you can garden, shovel, pick weeds, cut grass or rake leaves in exchange for a donation.


Fill a jar with candy, coins, nails, screws or any other item and have people pay to guess how many it took to fill it! If the jar isn’t filled with something yummy (like candy) to win – be sure to have a prize to help entice people to play.


Make your next get-together one to remember by choosing a theme and asking a donation to attend. 80’s rocker, favourite muppet character, famous athlete – the possibilities are endless!


Organize a spelling, geography, math, chemistry or other specialized subject bee. Create a list of words or equations of increasing difficulty and collect donations from participants and spectators.


Create t-shirts, buttons, wrist bands, patches, calendars, recipe books, hats or other merchandise with your fundraising message and sell them them at a competitive price.


Collected unwanted and gently used toys, books, exercise equipment, clothes, furniture and other items from friends and family to sell at school or in the community. Advertise your sale with posters, through community papers and online!


There are so many things you can sell – just get creative! Make cupcakes, cookies, bread or other baked goods, sell plants, fruits or vegetables from your garden or local nurseries, design t-shirts, jewelry, candles, soaps or art!


Pick a sport you love to play (basketball, hockey, tennis, volleyball, baseball, bowling, etc) and organize a tournament through your school or in your community. Collect a prize for the winning team – and be sure to share your event with the local papers!


Sell tickets for prizes or a portion of the funds collected from ticket sales!


Collect donations of goods or services to be sold at competitive prices. The highest bidder on any item wins.


Whether it’s your school band, dance class or choir, a group of friends or local talent – donate your time by performing a benefit concert! Collect admission, let loose and have fun!


  1. Dress Down at Work or School– talk to your supervisor, boss or teacher to organize a dress-down day each week or month. For a donation, give the option for participants to dress casually for the day!
  2. Bag Groceries– Ask your local grocer whether they’d allow you to help customers bag/box groceries in exchange for a donation.
  3. Bingo– Host a bingo night at home, school or at your local hall!
  4. Games Night– Organize a Monopoly, Halo, Jenga, Trivial Pursuit or other board game night. Invite individuals or teams to participate for a donation.
  5. Petting Zoo– Do you have a lot of pets or live near a farm? Organize a petting-zoo for local kids and families!
  6. Scavenger Hunt or Amazing Race– Create a route, clues and a list of items, tasks or games for participants to collect. Individuals or teams can join for a fee – with the winning team receiving a prize!
  7. Dance– Create the ultimate i-Pod dance list or hire a DJ or band, sell tickets, organize a few games and dance the night away!
  8. Comedy Night– Think you’re funny? Gather a group of friends or local talent for a night of laughs and charge a fee to attend.
  9. Art Sale– Contact local artists (painters, crafters, photographers, etc.) to donate some of their work to be displayed and sold to the public.
  10. Cake-Decorating Contest– See who can create the most amazing cake! Charge a fee to participate with prizes for the best designs.
  11. Karaoke– Rent or borrow a karaoke machine at your school or a local restaurant or pub. Sell tickets or charge admission and warm up those vocal chords!
  12. Pet Care– Offer to walk the dogs on your street in the evening or on weekends, bathe them or take them to the park for a small fee.



Fundraising is a fun, easy and rewarding way to become involved and make a positive difference in the lives of others. With your support we can continue our efforts to stop the global water and sanitation crisis; we can make a difference in the lives of others; we can help create positive change!

Through the incredible acts of others – the extended Ryan’s Well family – we are able to continue our goals to BUILD safe water and sanitation projects and EMPOWER others to get involved and make a difference.


We are greatly appreciative of the countless fundraising initiatives organized in support of the Foundation over the years. Our Third Party Fundraising Policy is necessary to outline the responsibilities of fundraising organizers and to ensure consistent and accurate representation of the Ryan’s Well Foundation.

Please keep in mind the following when planning your fundraiser:

  • Your communication materials must reflect that the Ryan’s Well Foundation is only the beneficiary of your efforts. The Foundation cannot be, or appear to be, in partnership with your organization, involved in the organizing, or collaborating with the organizers or their sponsors.
    A simple way to reflect this relationship is to use the wording:
    – XYZ Event ‘in support of the Ryan’s Well Foundation’or
    – “All proceeds raised at our event will be donated to the Ryan’s Well Foundation.”
  • We may request to see your promotional material(s) in advance of publication should they use the Ryan’s Well Foundation logo or other Foundation images or if you will be providing tax receipts. ‘Ryan’s Well Foundation’ cannot be shortened to ‘RWF’ in any promotional materials.
  • The Foundation’s limited capacity prevents us from having official representatives at every event. If you or the organizers of your event are comfortable speaking about the Foundation, we encourage you to share the information found on our website. Please ensure that guests understand you are not speaking in an official capacity for the Foundation.
  • We are continuously looking to update our fundraising resources and ideas. By sharing your fundraising ideas with us, you do so with the understanding that the Ryan’s Well Foundation may share your idea(s) or story through our website, e-communications, newsletter or other promotional materials.
  • As the organizer of your fundraising event, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Ryan’s Well Foundation and its Board of Directors and employees from any and all claims and liabilities in any way related to the event.


We love hearing how Ryan’s story and the work of the Foundation have inspired others to get involved and make a difference. We encourage anyone looking to organize a fundraising event to contact us to see how we can best support your efforts. Our website is a great place to start and offers:


The Ryan’s Well Foundation is a registered Canadian charity (charitable registration number: 88858 7110 RR0001) and is able to issue tax receipts to Canadians making straight donations of $10 or more. If you are donating from the United States and want your donation to be tax deductible, you can donate to Ryan’s Well Foundation through the Tides Foundation.

If you have questions about tax receipts pertaining to your fundraising event, please contact us and we would be happy to help!


It was over a decade ago when I first heard Ryan’s story while in elementary school. As children, it was eye-opening to learn about the need for clean water, and to see Ryan, someone our own age, have such a strong passion to drive change was inspiring. This message never left me over the years as I pursued my own passion in the health field. Safe water and better health go hand-in-hand in improving lives and empowering communities. After many years since my first classroom fundraiser, I wanted to get reinvolved with the Foundation through what I felt was a fun way to gather friends to each play a role in helping end the global water crisis that still affects our world today. And thus, that was how the Annual Ryan’s Well Beach Volleyball Tournament began in Ottawa! As Ryan always says, ‘A community of ordinary people can do extraordinary things!’

-Wendy Zhang, Ryan’s Well Foundation Board Member and 3rd Party Fundraiser