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The Giving Circle's Inaugural Project
Posted By Wayne VanderWees, RWF Giving Circle charter member on Nov 23, 2011

Handwashing demonstration
Wash your hands! Students practice handwashing
during a demonstration at their school - Ntinanko
Primary School, Ghana (August 2011)

From a mustard seed to a young plant, an idea has grown in size......

The members of The Giving Circle have chosen their first, their premier, their inaugural project to fund from beginning to end!!!!! (Yes, I am excited).

Come and see. 

The initial project is a rainwater harvesting system for a school in Ghana. It will bring safe drinking water and handwashing facilities to over 550 children.  

Although the project may seem small in size (except for every one of the 550 kids I am sure), it is, in my humble opinion, the most important project that will ever be picked for the Giving Circle for the following 3 reasons:

  • It will always be the first one.
  • It will be an example that people can see and feel and touch and be able to understand what the Giving Circle is all about (and hopefully want to join).
  • It will prove the idea behind the Giving Circle has merit.

I invite you to follow along as we take an empty place, transform it to a work-in-progress and finally to a transforming event in the lives of the kids at that school and their community.

Keep track of our journey to ever bigger projects or, if you can, come join us.....we would love to have you.

You too will have a collection of pictures on your wall that every time you walk by, you can smile and think, “yep, I helped build that.”

Become a member of The Giving Circle!

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